Wimbledon, London, England

Employees: 20


Having done extensive research and visiting UK based manufacturers we stumbled upon this Wimbledon based studio that suited our needs and ethos. The owner of the studiois a Bulgarian woman who has years of experience running factories and this studio both in the UK and Bulgaria. She is committed to providing the best quality not only for the clients but for the employees. We have excellent communication, mutual respect and work well together.


As a sustainable brand we wanted to minimise the carbon footprint of the production of clothes meaning UK based was key. This local production allows us to have instant communication and frequent visits that mean that no materials get wasted. 

Due to the location we also have complete oversight of the treatment of employees and how the clothes are produced to ensure that both are up to the highest standard. The Studio values their employees and treats them respectfully and ethically, which was very important to us. They get paid London living wages and above UK statutory minimum.  

Naturally there will always be fabric cut offs however this is not waste to us. Our company is committed to making every scrap useful in some shape or form. We believe time, craftsmanship, and natural resources have gone into creating these and therefore shouldn't just be discarded. 

We have a number of projects that make use of these. Examples are the Vineyard Community Centre, fashion students, and our own Scrunchies and reusable cotton makeup wipes.

The studio itself re-uses & recycles all waste including off cuts. 

They are committed to go the extra mile to be environmentally friendly by reducing their energy usage by investing in energy saving motors and by maximising the available natural light.


The lovely and skilled women take our original prototypes and patterns that we designed and hand made ourselves to be reproduced in small quantities. GH does not believe in the mass production of clothes. We produce in small quantities to preserve the uniqueness of the clothes as well as save the environment and the impact we impose on it.