Merchant and Mills

UK Based Fabrics and Haberdashery

Merchant & Mills products are stocked in the world’s most respected outlets and the company has successfully collaborated with London’s V&A Museum and Alexander McQueen.

“Over the past two years, we’ve moved our core fabric collections to more sustainable options and have discontinued ranges that did not meet the right criteria. We focus on natural fibres, especially linen and we have been expanding our Hemp and Tencel offerings as these two fibres score high on the eco-charts. Where possible we have moved over our cotton ranges to an organic base. The landscape with sourcing raw materials is constantly changing so we are having to react and find the best option available at the right price for our customer. We also work closely with partners around the world to offer a selection of deadstock. Deadstock fabric is excess fabric from fashion designers, movie sets, and fabric mills that is no longer needed for the job it was originally intended for. This fabric would otherwise end up in landfill.”