If a piece is available to pre-order, then we will only produce it when it is in demand by you, not just because we can. We’re tired of seeing huge brands sit on large quantities of deadstock, ready to be sent to landfill when they do not sell by the end of the season. Therefore, we wanted to be part of an alternative fashion model and show that pre-ordering can become integrated into everyday sustainable practices. 

When you choose a Gunda Hafner Ltd. pre-order item, your wait time will be 2-3 weeks from your order being placed. If you purchase multiple pieces, whether pre-order or ready-to-ship, these will be sent at the same time to save on postage and carbon emissions. However, if you would like your ready-to-shop item to be with you sooner, then please place two separate orders. Just email should you have any queries on pre-ordering and our team will be happy to answer. We’re excited to be trialling this innovative, eco-friendly alternative to mass production, and we hope you will be part of this change too.