Gunda Hafner Ltd., founded in 2016, is rooted in childhood inspiration and is shaped by Gunda’s family beliefs. We continue to look for innovative yet eco-conscious techniques to incorporate into every collection. We source ethical fabrics that are high-quality and local, where possible. 

Our ethos is to prove that to be sustainable does not mean compromising on style. We recognise that clothing should be versatile and meet the needs of modern, busy schedules, whilst also helping to simplify everyday wardrobe choices.



    We always go the extra mile to avoid the use of plastic. This includes ensuring that all fabrics do not contain any harmful substances, such as microplastics found in polyester, and only using compostable materials when packaging your order.


    We use substitutes, like pineapple fibres, instead of harmful materials such as fur and leather. We will continue to invest in high-quality vegan materials as well as engage in collaborations and projects to raise awareness and funds for endangered species and wildlife


    A collaboration with wheelchair user and model, Samanta Bullock, has led to adaptations in our garments’ fit and details. We continue to design our clothing with inclusivity in mind, encouraging the right conversations to take place and a more inclusive fashion culture.


  • GOTS Ceritified

    The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading worldwide textile standard for organic fibres, with the aim of making the process from crop to customer transparent. This ensures our production and labour remains traceable and ethical throughout every collection.

  • Made in the UK

    Locally sourced materials and production mean that we significantly reduce deadstock from collections, cut both transportation costs and pollution, and have greater accountability over labour conditions.

  • OEKO-TEX Standard

    Oeko-Tex is an official certification that restores confidence in the
    textile industry. Garments are safe, environmentally friendly and are
    made in a socially responsible setting from start to finish.

  • Organic

    The way fibres are farmed makes a huge difference to their overall environmental impact, and so that’s why we ensure welfare is protected by sourcing fibres organically from crops and animals.

  • Recycled

    Our recycled garments have been made using recycled materials, like that of cotton, minimising the exploitation of our planet’s raw materials.

  • No Pesticides

    All our garments are traceable right back to the beginning of the supply chain so we remain sure that fibres were free from any pesticides at their time of harvesting.

  • Ethically Produced

    All our products are ethically produced. Our labour policy ensures every person involved in getting our garments to you is treated fairly and with respect and that our work environment adheres to a high standard.

  • Upcycled

    We source beautiful materials where possible and transform them from their original purpose into unique clothing. This helps to ensure that unwanted textiles are kept out of landfill.

  • Hypoallergenic

    We know how it feels when allergies make shopping just that little bit harder, but put your mind at ease knowing that GH garments labelled as hypoallergenic are kind againstsensitive skin and are unlikely to result in allergic reactions.


  • Gunda Hafner

    CEO & Designer

  • Emma Hafner

    PA & Organisational Manager

  • Theresa Goger

    Operational Intern

  • Indira Bott

    Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager

  • Katharine Pogson


  • Zach Bridgeland

    Website Developer

  • Jenan Rachid


Labour Policy

Gunda Hafner Ltd would not be the company it is today without our hardworking team, and so we believe that our work environment should be everything they deserve and more. We appreciate each of our employees greatly and therefore we make sure that we create a work environment that values: 



Equal opportunity 


Open conversation 



Besides our fundamental policy, we also have ways we endeavour to support and enrich our employees and community. Gunda Hafner Ltd has a mentoring scheme in which we take on young fashion students and those interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. We equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills. We take an interest in their chosen path and make sure they experience working alongside department heads. Interns have previously then had an opportunity to progress into freelance and permanent roles within our company. Such opportunities continue to be paid fairly even in the context of London’s turbulent internship market.