GOTS Certified | EU Based Fabrics

"Producing high quality fabrics is not a challenge for us, but our passion."

This is not only one of SEIDRA's guiding principles, but is also the reason why our fabrics are what they are: happily worn, happily sold and appreciated around the world.

The use of the best raw materials, along with our centuries of experience, account for this continued success.

Our customers' individual needs are the top priority here at SEIDRA. Therefore, we do not focus solely on large orders, but are also happy to produce smaller amounts, even custom designs upon request. A range of companies worldwide, both in wholesale and in the fashion industry have come to highly value this flexibility.

Our products conform to the REACH- and AZO waste recycling standards. Furthermore, it is important to us to treat our goods with care even after production. The GOTS certification further emphasizes the high quality and sustainability of our products.