Granite/Silver Knit Bralette

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Introducing our stunning Grey Merino Wool Knitted Bralet, a chic and festive piece that combines sophistication with a touch of glamour. Crafted from luxurious merino wool, this bralet boasts a unique allure with the addition of silver Lurex thread, adding a subtle sparkle to its elegant design.

Featuring delicate straps and a stylish square neckline, this knitted bralet exudes an understated yet festive charm that's perfect for special occasions or adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look.

Styling Tip: Create a captivating ensemble by layering this exquisite knitted bralet on top of a versatile two-way zip shirt. This pairing not only offers a chic and modern look but also combines functionality with style, allowing you to explore various outfit combinations.

Elevate your style with our Grey Merino Wool Knitted Bralet, a sophisticated and versatile piece that effortlessly captures the essence of festive elegance.