• We respect and embrace nature.
  • Sustainability comes naturally and is embedded within the company’s practice. This is how it should be by default across the fashion industry.
  • We say no to plastic and other harmful substances in order to protect not only the environment but also the workers and the consumers of our products.
  • We use substitutes, like pineapple fibres, for typically harmful materials such as fur and leather. 

We treat workers fairly 

Every worker is a person. Whether this is in our studio or during production we make sure that our garments are produced in a fair way. Therefore we hand-select our suppliers as well as our production. This is a distinct no to child labour and slavery in the work force.

We are open and honest with our clients

Our suppliers are  either GOTS certified companies, produce OEKO TEX certified materials or are family run businesses that love their work and produce high end products. `We pick local companies where possible or european in order to guarantee minimal carbon footprint and support other small companies in their traditional craftsmanship.

“When I visited a trade show with the vast array of materials on offer for the very first time, I realised what a challenge it would be to find products that I wanted to work with. I knew I had to think outside the box. I found an amazing Scottish producer for curtains who makes the most wonderful Madras lace and sheers. I absolutely fell in love. Then I discovered a GOTS-certified family-run business in Austria who makes the most incredible fabrics. Searching for yarn suppliers, I found undyed wool from small-scale spinning mills. First, I produced everything in my house until fabrics, machines, garments and people working with me took over our family home . In 2019 I founded my studio in Surbiton Greater London. It is filled with people who love what they are doing, are enthusiastic and are treated fairly.”

We slowly grew and had demand for different sizes and different colours, something we could only deliver through outsourcing. I found a company about nine miles away run by a mother of two children. The fact that production is within reach makes working hand-in-hand easy to ensure a high-quality outcome; no throwing away entire batches because something has gone wrong. This is a conscious decision to avoid excessive waste and carbon emissions in the first place instead of compensating for it.

If you are interested to hear more about where our fabrics are coming from ask us any time: